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{{Backdated: takes place shortly after this post.}}

There's no reason for Gene not to dive right back into work, now that he's back from wherever he was... Or maybe wherever he wasn't. He's not exactly sure just what happened to him back there, only that it pisses him off.

With all he's got to catch up on. there is absolutely no reason he should be heading for Sam Tyler's room, except for the fact that they haven't spoken since before Christmas, and he's just lost two months of his life that he's not getting back.

Tyler's got Cartwright, he tells himself. No reason for you to even be here, he tells himself. You're acting like a great stinking fairy, he tells himself, and if you're going to play the bum-bandit, the least you could do is not be a sodding girl about it.

Of course, it's not like that leads to him getting back to work. Oh, no. That just leads to him pacing outside Sam's room, muttering to himself and occasionally glowering at the door.

After a good ten minutes of muttering and pacing, he finally gathers the courage -- and he's not going to make a single Cowardly Lion joke, not even in his own head -- to knock on Sam's door.
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A few minutes after a certain post, Mat gets a visitor.

A very furry visitor, which carefully thumps at Mat's door with a paw, then just sits in front of the door, tail curled neatly around him, waiting, looking as friendly as it's possible for a lion to look.


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