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If you need to reach me for any reason -- whether that's to plot RP stuff, ask a question, or just comment on something you've seen here, this is the place to do it.

Comments are screened by default, and if you'd rather I reply via email or something so the reply doesn't unscreen your comment, let me know.

I can also be reached via AIM as foppishtrollop pretty much 24/7, though I've usually got an away message up. Don't let that stop you, though.
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Stolen from most of Gene's flist, at this point:

Comment here, with any of your characters and any of my characters (mouseover for journal names), and I will write you a fic. Specifically, I will write you a fic wherein they have OFFSPRING - accidental, surrogate'd, adopted, completely clueless, whatever.

FOAR GRATE LULZ. Or just, y'know, crack.
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Right. Gene and Eric([ profile] wineandvenom)'s mun here. So. Life kicked my ass, and I went away for much longer than I intended. *grumbles about school and drama and what-all*

But! The boys, they return! And there was much rejoicing, or maybe one or two people going, "Oh yeah, I remember that guy." One of those.

Still getting caught up on all that's been going on, but just letting everyone know that those two really aren't dead, I promise.
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Here goes, though as of when I'm writing this, no-one's actually met the Gene Genie...



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