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Take A Look At The Lawman

Is it Gene Hunt? Is he kicking in a nonce?

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Name:Gene Hunt
Birthdate:Aug 27

Take a Look at the Lawman

Gene Hunt
A small Jean Gene genie snuck off to the city...

Age: 43
Birthday: July 29, 1931
Status: Alive and surly.
Occupation: Former Detective Chief Inspector in Manchester. Back in 1973. Currently heading his own branch of Chicago's Torchwood, concerning itself with civilian affairs.
Location: Kashtta Tower
Camp: Torchwood.
Relationship Status: Currently in a completely loveless marriage (and a good thing the missus didn't come through the Rift after him). Currently semi-involved with Sam Tyler.
Strengths: His instincts are second to none, and he's a damned good detective. Stubborn where it counts, fanatical about protecting those he deems "his people". Quite good at boxing and shooting at things. Shrewdly intelligent behind the "big dumb copper" facade, and loyal to a fault.
Weaknesses: Again, stubbornness. He's never wrong: just ask him. He's got no patience for people that get in his way, no mercy for criminal scum, an explosive temper, and a bit of a drinking problem. He's also internalized enough of the homophobia of his day that he's dealing with quite a bit of self-loathing, being queer as football bats and more than a bit repressed on that matter.
With Animals In
Thanks to the effects of the Rift, Gene's now a shapeshifter. And his animal forms have a bit more of a hold on him than he likes.

The Lion: Losing his temper has a distressing way of turning him furry these days. When lion-shaped, Gene's got even less patience, and sharp teeth. The people he looks out for are his pride, and Sam is his mate, whether Sam knows this or not. Anyone who messes with Gene's pride can expect violent retribution. He's also proven grudgingly willing to be snuggled by distraught young female things. Girls like cats, right?
The Chipmunk: When a chipmunk, Gene's world narrows to food (which he always needs more of), interesting/shiny things (which should be investigated), people he likes (who should be snuggled with), and people he doesn't like (who deserve an ENRAGED CHIPMUNK TO THE FACE). He's got a rather small brain, after all, and there's not a lot of room for more than that, for all that he makes a valiant effort at holding onto human reasoning and not embarrassing himself. He's also got a distressing tendency to explore the ventilation shafts and get lost in them, sometimes for weeks at a time.
With Daemons In
For daemon-based storylines/prompts: Gene's daemon is an English Mastiff by the name of Alana. She's every bit as fiercely protective as the Guv himself, but a bit more inclined to listen to reason.
His Pride:
Sam Tyler: a.k.a. Sammy-boy, Dorothy, Gladys, yeh div, etc. Back in Manchester, Sam was his brilliant and completely mad DI, and the sexual tension between them was resolved by beating each other senseless on a regular basis. Now that they're in Chicago (and in the future), Gene's learnt that Sam's not as much of a nutter as he thought. They have an on-again, off-again sort-of-relationship, which boils down to snogging each other senseless and having the odd bit of amazing sex, and then never talking about it.
Annie Cartwright: a.k.a. Flash-Knickers. Annie's one of the lads, for all intents and purposes. Oh, he'll be every bit as verbally abusive to her as he is to anyone else with the misfortune to work for him, but she's one of his people, and that means he looks after her. She also has the distinction of being the one person he's got no qualms about sharing Sam with, though a lack of communication's led to him bowing out for the most part.
Becky Trapper: a.k.a. Angel, Doodlebug. Gene's more or less adopted her, for all that a rather abrasive copper who gives every appearance of being the most intolerant of bastards and a little fallen angel with extensive tattoos seem an unlikely pair. Ask him if he cares.
Mat Wallace: Another of the random people Gene's adopted, Mat used to be Sam's guardian angel. This led to Gene alternately berating Mat for being a liability to Sam, and looking after him as best he could. He's a bit fond of the lad, honestly, and now that Mat's not tied to Sam's well-being, looks on him as something of a little brother. He's currently oblivious to Mat's raging crush on him.
Captain Jack Harkness: a.k.a. Action Lad, The Plastic Wonder, That Bastard. Gene disliked him as a matter of principle, primarily because Jack was responsible for stealing His Sam away and getting him involved with Torchwood. The dislike was mixed with grudging respect, though -- right up until he learned a few things about Jack's past. Jack going mad, killing Sam, and then bringing him back didn't much help matters. The jury's still out on whether Gene will ever be able to be in the same room with him without going lion and mauling him.
Nate Wallace: His Guardian Angel. Literally. It's a shame the two of them hate each other.
Out of Character
AIM: foppishtrollop / jreader2wire
Played By: Philip Glenister
Source: Life On Mars
Disclaimer: I don't own the Guv -- the BBC does. I just type for him.
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