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I'd always heard the Rift had a way of making people vanish, but this is the first time I've experienced anything firsthand -- either way, I come back and there's little girls getting killed.

So it happens I need to know a few things, like if there's been any progress on how hostile the local coppers are, anyone safe to talk to... Any contacts you can give me, I could use. We've got someone over here with a cunning plan, but I'm not about to sit around and wait, it seems like sitting around and waiting's what's got this city a hop skip and a jump from completely buggered right about now.

I don't know this city as well as I should, and, if you're agreeable, I'd like some help in setting that right.

Date: 2009-04-24 01:35 am (UTC)
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If the cops are doin' much else other than just not respondin', no one's told me, but there's at least one cop I know is good news and she's been keepin' me informed so's long as I keep her informed- name's Casey Wyatt. Nice lady. Some kind of supernatural human, so she's one of us in a way. She don't know nothin' about nothin' either, but we've been workin' pretty tightly to see if we can put an end to this.

Thus far I've got angels on the ground, seeing if the CLF stick to any particular area, but no dice. They ain't subtle and they stick pretty close to any place where wanderers might frequent, but they're erratic at best. You gotta know the whole city practically and that I do know. The archangels have been keepin' our noses out of this 'cept to act as defensive convoys, because I don't want a repeat of what happened in Cicero and the Kashtta and if archs go around killin' humans, even bastards like these, then it's gonna start scarin' people again. However, if you want to start scoutin' the city, even if it's gettin' a feel for the beat, I can offer you me and any of my kids to show you every nook, cranny, and little hive of scum and suck for future reference. It might not get you anywhere, but we're thorough and you'll know the city a lot better in the end, so it can't hurt.


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