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Here goes, though as of when I'm writing this, no-one's actually met the Gene Genie...

The White Hats: Gene's still a copper, through and through, even if he doesn't get to play sheriff anymore, and if there's a war brewing, he's going to do his damnedest to be right in the middle where he belongs. These are the people Gene'll work with, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with, fight for, kill for, and die for if it comes to that. He may not exactly like them, but he'll respect them. They're the Good Guys, and they're out to make a difference, and that's good enough for him. Just note that "respect" for Gene doesn't exclude giving people a hard time whenever possible. [Gwen Cooper - [ profile] torchwoodsheart, Toshiko Sato - [ profile] techniclybrill, Owen Harper - [ profile] der_weevilkonig, Ianto Jones - [ profile] twdenmother, Suzie Costello - [ profile] superiorspectre, Shepherd Book - [ profile] aint_a_shepherd, Juliet Burke - [ profile] neverinportland, Marshall Flinkman - [ profile] akablackkitty, Daniel Jackson - [ profile] egyptiansoldier, Revan Onasi - [ profile] curtainfalling, Maya Roy - [ profile] that_damn_paki, multiple openings.]

The Deputy: More than just another good guy, this is someone he trusts enough to listen to sometimes. He needs someone to tell him when to stop, when "GENE SMASH!" isn't the best possible solution, who can stand up to the full force of both his sarcasm and his fists, and drag him back to reason kicking and screaming. [Sam Tyler - [ profile] definitivestep]

The Outlaws: He may not know they've done something wrong, but gut instinct tells him these are Bad People. As such, he's not on the friendliest of terms. He's just waiting for them to give him a reason to give them a good kicking, and he wants them to know it. [Jack Harkness - [ profile] hey_capn_jack, multiple openings.]

The Saloon Girl Boy: All his talk of skirts and tits aside, Gene's... well, pretty damn closeted. 1973 wasn't good for queer policemen, and he's had a lot of practice in covering things up with a homophobic remark and a leer at the nearest lady. At some point, someone may notice just how much he has to hide. And someone, if they're male and so inclined, may just try to break through the denial. But when Gene finally breaks, it won't be pretty. [Sam Tyler - [ profile] definitivestep, one other opening -- demons welcome!]

The Innocent Townsfolk: Gene would like to think he's grown out of any need to take in strays after a failed attempt to get his brother off drugs. No saving those who don't want to be saved, after all... But he's still got a protective streak a mile wide, though it's hidden underneath a layer of utter bastardry. These are the people who he's found himself caring about despite himself, and who he's rather grudgingly protective of. Of course, his idea of protection may also include thumping them upside the head if they're male and do something particularly stupid. (For all his faults, Gene does not hit women. Not unless the women do the hitting first.) Just because there's no saving some people, it doesn't mean he won't try. [Becky Trapper - [ profile] worseforfears, Mat Wallace - [ profile] guardsintheory multiple openings.]

The Lone Gunman: Maybe a Good Guy, maybe a Bad Guy, but either way, this is someone who's a direct challenge to Gene's authority, such as it is. They bring out a whole new level of macho posturing and chest-beating, and he'll be damned if he'll let them one-up him. [Nate Wallace - [ profile] reluctantxangel]

The Man in Black: Gene Hunt doesn't scare easily, but this person has him about ready to piss himself. Not that he'd ever admit it, of course -- the fear's buried under seething hatred. He'll take this person down if it kills him, and he's afraid it just might. [John Thane - [ profile] john_thane]

The Indian Interpreter: People in Gene's future might as well be speaking a different language: political correctness. Gene doesn't understand it, and doesn't feel the need to bother with it, but it doesn't mean he doesn't care about people, or won't do his best to protect them, no matter the derogatory terms he heaps on all and sundry. This is someone that can let Gene be... Gene, and act as a buffer between him and the rest of the world, who will neither get offended and storm out, nor calmly take his abuse, with enough trust and authority to speak for Gene in delicate situations, and advise him on how best to handle certain modern situations. [Possibly reserved, but if you have someone that might fit here, speak up, please!]

The Old Sheriff: Gene's out of his city, in a brave new world... and he's not the sheriff he was back home. He needs someone to take him under their wing and show him how to get along here, and maybe thump him for stupidity a few times. Preferably someone who shares the warrior archetype with him. If the someone is male, there will probably be a mancrush involved, though Gene will most likely never act on it. Such is his repression. [One opening.]

...And that's all I can think of for now. Whee!
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