Feb. 16th, 2009 10:11 pm
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All right, everyone. For those who've seen the news, you already know what this is about. For those that haven't, what's going on is that some cowardly bastards are playing terrorist, trying to scare us wanderers off, firebombing places where we tend to congregate.

Not a one of us had any choice about this. None of us would've come if we'd have half a chance. But that doesn't make much of a difference to scum like that.

For those of you who don't know me: I'm Gene Hunt, former Detective Chief Inspector, from Manchester, 1973. These days I'm a member of Torchwood, but that doesn't matter here. I'm not doing this as someone on Torchwood's payroll -- I'm doing this as a copper and a Wanderer, who's not about to let some coward who can't even face us dictate how we live.

This is our city too, whether we like it or not. And there've been some insane bastards that came through and ruined it for the lot of us, but I know most of us are better than that.

So here's where we show it.

We need to find out who's behind this, and we need to bring them to justice. That doesn't mean gunning them down like the menaces we think they are. That means, if at all possible, finding a way to get the proper authorities to deal with these bastards, and taking care of our own in the meantime.

There's a chance the 'proper authorities' won't care about us, as much as, as a copper, it pains me to say it, but we try it. And we keep trying before we take the law into our own hands. The law exists so the average bloke on the street can feel safe and happy and not have to worry about taking his life in his hands every time he steps outside his house. If we don't respect the law here, the ordinary citizens out there are going to fear us, and if they fear us, we've already lost. All there is to it, and anyone that's got a problem can take it up with me personally, and we'll see who's still standing at the end of that discussion.

Yeah, we've got to accept the fact that, legally, most of us don't exist, and that we might not rate as high as those ordinary citizens, but if we don't TRY, we're no better than they think we are.

What's more, we need people to watch out for Wanderers on their own. It's important that, considering we've got bomb-happy bastards out there, we keep everyone safe. That means that if you're in an established safehouse, you stay there. Keep someone with you. If you can get your hands on a mobile phone, or a panic button (anyone remember those from when Calisto was around?), you keep it on you. If you can't get one of those, find a friend who CAN, and stay with them.

If you know anything about who did this, come forward. If there's anyone who can act as a liaison with the regular police that knows about supernatural things, I'd be more than happy to talk to them. And what I need here, more than anything, are coppers, or those near enough to. People who know how to carry out an investigation, people who're interested in looking out for those that need it, people who're willing to guard places Wanderers tend to congregate.

I'm just a Wanderer, just an ex-copper, but I'm not about to just sit back and take this. And if you're not either, TALK TO ME.

I'm available over the journals or by phone -- the number's below.

And here's the important bit, and if you don't listen to any other bloody thing I say, listen to this: DO NOT LET THE BASTARDS SCARE YOU. That's the whole point of terrorists: you may notice the word 'terror' in there. They're out to scare us, to make us feel like hunted animals. And if you let them do it, you let them win.

Be careful, be safe, look out for each other, and WE WILL BEAT THEM.

Good luck.

Gene Hunt
Former DCI, Manchester
Torchwood, Chicago
(312) 555-5345
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