Feb. 17th, 2009

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I've just received word that some of the people responsible for this may have positions in Chicago's own police force. There are still good coppers out there. I'm sure of it, but we've got no way of knowing who's who.

What you need to do is keep calm, stay under the radar, and do not give local law enforcement any reason to notice you. Lack of police support's going to make things harder on us, but we're not powerless here. Not even close. Since we can't count on police backup, the priority right now is to make sure you're someplace safe, with someone who can look after you if you can't do it on your own.

What's more, some of you may notice how I've locked this entry. I'm doing that for a few reasons, most notably that, if you look at the places that were hit, especially Elm Street Liquors, which was only advertised as a Wanderer-friendly spot the once, over the journals, you may notice a distinct pattern.

There's a possibility the journals have been compromised. Either they've got one or more of the resident supernaturals on their side, or, and this is the worse possibility, they've got a captive Wanderer and are going through their journal. A captive Wanderer would be good for the bastards for a few reasons, notably the one where they'd have access to everything locked to Wanderers, and are trusting that to keep them a step ahead of us.

So if this lock works right, the moment someone other than the journal's owner picks it up, this entry vanishes. I strongly encourage all of you to lock anything you've got to say in the same fashion. But don't rely on that alone, either.

Some of you may have noticed your journals tend to follow you if you're away from them for too long. That's both a good thing and a bad one, because if anyone's taken, all the bastards have to do is wait for the journal to show up with them. It's also a bit easier to steal a journal just long enough to find out what's going on than it is to abduct a person, so keep that in mind.

You can't stop them from getting your journal if they've got you. We're taking steps, all of us, to make sure that the 'getting you' part doesn't happen, but in the meantime, keep your journal close and lock everything. That journal is your best friend in the whole of the world, so treat it like it is, and don't leave it where anyone else can get their hands on it.

We've had some volunteers to look after people that need it, and a more formidable and talented group I've never seen, so if you need someone to take you anywhere, let me know, either here (under a lock), or over the phone. We'll send someone around, make sure you're safe.


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